In Australia, How Do You Win A Child Custody Case?

January 20, 2023    divorcelawyersperthwa
In Australia, How Do You Win A Child Custody Case?

It is not easy to go through a divorce case as the process is still stressful. The same can be said about a child custody case. When you fight for your child’s custody, there is a lot of emotion involved from both parents.

In the process of hiring a child custody lawyer, you must know that even children experience difficulty while going through such times. In any child custody battle, there is absolutely no guarantee that any specific parent will win. This is why if you are in the midst of a child custody case, you must ensure to know more about family law in Australia. In this blog, you will learn why you will learn how to win a child custody case.

Ways To Win A Child Custody Case:

Some of the ideal ways to win a child custody case in Australia are as follows:

1. You Must Avoid Focusing On Your Former Spouse.

There are many parents who think that finding faults or criticizing the other parent is one of the ways to win the court’s favour. This is why you often find that parents pin-point their former partner’s mistakes in court. But the fact is these claims do not work very well, and they only make you look petty.

Child custody hearings should only be about the child and discuss what is best for them. To ensure that your child is provided with the justice they deserve. The Australian judge listens to both parents to help make a favourable verdict towards the child.

The best and most successful child custody cases usually meet the child’s mental, physical or emotional needs. As per Australian Family law, the parent seeking custody must prove that they will provide a proper environment for their child.

2. You Must Look To Become A Part Of The Child’s Life.

Before you hire a child support lawyer in Perth, you must know this vital way to win a child custody case. Other than providing the basic needs for your child in Australia, you must be a part of their life straight from the house itself.

As a parent, you must be present in various activities organised by the school. And attending parent/teacher meetings and picking them up from school. You can also choose to learn the names of their teachers and coaches. This is a way that will show that you have always been present in the life of your child. This can further help to strengthen your custody case.

3. You Must Only Make Practical Requests.

It is not possible for you to get full custody of a child in Australia that can fit your schedule if you are part of a full-time or a part-time job. This indicates that your child will have to spend the majority of their time with a caretaker in the area. If you are involved in such a situation, you must know more about the practical requests. To make before you arrive at the court for the child custody case.

For example, if you are looking to drive an hour from work to arrive at your child’s school. You must change your circumstances before you ask for full custody of the child. The judge is not going to expect any type of divorce or separation to affect your child’s life negatively.

4. You Must Find Appropriate Legal Advice.

In any child custody case, it is possible that you make mistakes that have the potential to weaken the case. If you are unaware of Family law in Australia, you are bound to make some mistakes that may negatively affect your case.

In any child custody case, it is recommended by experts that you take the help of experienced lawyers who are aware of Family law in Australia. Therefore, your lawyer can advise you on things you must do to improve your winning chances in the case. They are likely to remain impartial as they know how difficult a Family law case can be.

Though these types of cases are not considered to be easy, you can take the help of these tips above. It is also important that you work with a reputed family lawyer in Australia from the start to increase your winning chances.

How Do You Gain Sole Custody?

As per Australia’s Family Law Act of 1975, a child’s well-being must always be the biggest priority in a child custody case. In simple words, Australian courts must consider the child’s threat to immediate or possible harm along the way.

If there is a reason for the courts to believe that a partner or parent will abuse or threaten the safety of their child. It can be a great motivation to provide sole custody of the child to the other parent. But, you must know that sole custody that has a no-contact order is difficult to be awarded in Australian courtrooms.

Mediation For Child Custody

To get sole custody of their child, many people either opt for mediation or hire a divorce lawyer in Perth. Mediation is one of the standard processes that usually handles child custody cases. Since, mediation can help sort out a lot of problems, and due to this, most cases do not even reach court.

Mediation can easily be done with the help of a mediator or with the help of experienced lawyers. It is considered one of the best procedures that usually involves both parents working together along with an unbiased third party. They typically do this to come to an agreement in child custody cases. Hiring a lawyer is always advised, as things often do not go smoothly.

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Whether you are undergoing a divorce case or looking to get sole custody of your child, it is always advisable to hire a lawyer. The best lawyers can provide you with advice that can help you win a child custody case. You can contact Divorce Lawyers Perth WA, to access the best lawyers to help you get sole custody of your child and guide you through all the legal processes.

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