How Should You Use An Online Divorce Service In 2022?

January 31, 2022    divorcelawyersperthwa
How Should You Use An Online Divorce Service In 2022?

Going through separation and divorce is hard for any individual, and it becomes more stressful with all the legalities that come along with it. Fortunately, if you and your spouse agree on the divorce terms, you can complete the whole process online. Still, it is better to consult lawyers to help you with all the procedures, even in online divorce.

If you are from Perth and seeking a divorce, get in touch with separation lawyers Perth and discuss your case. Now let’s understand how you can use the service of online divorce.

Types Of Online Divorce Applications

The online divorce applications are split into two types – sole application and joint application. The first part of the application form requires you to specify whether you are filing the divorce all by yourself (sole application) or along with your spouse (joint application).

A sole application is a bit complicated where the one who applied for the divorce needs to serve the application to his/her spouse. Also, both parties have to attend the court hearing if they have a child below 18 years of age. You should consult top divorce lawyers so that you can prepare all your documents properly.

A joint application is easier as compared to a sole one. Both you and your spouse need to fill out the application together (after twelve months of separation), and it takes up to four months for the court to grant the divorce.

Cost Of An Online Divorce

You need to pay $930 to apply for divorce in Australia. The cost is the same whether you submit your application yourself or use a lawyer. The figure is only the court filing fee, and a lot of other charges may apply. In certain circumstances, you can apply by paying a reduced fee of $310, for example, if you are going through financial hardship and cannot pay the full fee.

Also, note that the online divorce fees keep fluctuating, so make sure to check the latest figures on the web before applying.

Steps To File An Online Divorce Application

Register On The Commonwealth Courts Portal

Visit the official website of the Commonwealth Courts Portal and register there if you already don’t have an account. Fill out all your details to create the account, and then you will be redirected to the homepage.

Start Your Application

On the homepage of the portal, you need to select the “start a new file” option. Now, you will be redirected to a new page where you will be asked to select the type of document you wish to file and the court you want to file it in. Generally, for an online divorce application, you need to choose the options “Application for divorce” and “Federal Circuit Court of Australia”.

Complete Your Application

Your divorce application would be separated into several sections:

  • The Applicants: The first section will need to specify who is filing the application, whether it’s a sole or joint application, and if any of the sides prefer court hearings.
  • Husband And Wife: In the second section, you need to fill out all the personal details of you and your spouse (husband and wife).
  • Jurisdiction: Here, there are a series of questions to double-check that you both are eligible for getting a divorce in Australia. The answers are simple yes and no.
  • Marriage And Separation: Here, you have to provide the details of your marriage and separation, like when you got married and separated.
  • Other Court Cases: In this section, you need to tell the court if you are associated with any other case currently.
  • Children: This section is only applicable if you have any child below 18 years of age. You have to provide evidence that adequate care arrangements are in place for your child/children.

Note that you can contact child custody lawyers Perth if you want to contest for custody of your child/children.

Upload Supporting Documents

You will need to furnish a number of supporting documents for your divorce application, depending on your situation. You will find specific documents listed on your homepage, and those may include a marriage certificate, court orders, parenting plans, proof of separation, etc.

Submit The Application

Now you can verify all the details you have entered and then print out the application form. Both parties need to sign in front of a lawyer or Justice of the Peace and then scan all the documents, upload them in the portal, pay the fee and submit the application.

Granting Of The Divorce

An online divorce will take a minimum of four months to get granted. It may take longer depending on the factor, whether it’s contested or not. A contested one can take twelve months or more. The parties can separately contest for the custody of children (if any) by consulting child custody lawyers.


Through online divorce, you can save the hassle of going through the court hearings if both you and your spouse agree on the terms of the divorce. However, it is always recommended to hire lawyers to handle all the divorce processes properly. If you are a Perth resident, contact the reputed divorce lawyers Perth firm – Divorce Lawyers Perth WA and get started with your divorce process.

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