Parenting Arrangements: The Child Custody Schedule

May 25, 2023    divorcelawyersperthwa
Parenting Arrangements: The Child Custody Schedule

For all parents, the well-being of their children should be their priority. Due to this caring nature, splitting the custody with the ex-partner can be difficult after the separation. During the child custody process, one might have countless questions related to care and how to properly manage all the changes. Individuals can rely on lawyers for such matters.

The lawyers will help families navigate the toughest decisions, including child support. These lawyers will do their best to achieve a resolution outside the courtroom by providing legal advice and giving access to mediators.

These lawyers can also help their clients obtain the results they need during the child custody case in court. They will help their clients make the correct decisions and guide them through the child customer process.

Obtaining a Child Custody Schedule: The Process

Parents can create a schedule independently, through an alternative dispute resolution process or can take help of the  child support lawyers about it. It doesn’t matter what approach the parents utilize; one can bring in countless proposals for negotiations.

When parents opt for the schedule and the remaining parenting plan, they can easily transform it into a legally binding plan by suggesting a consent order in court.

But when parents cannot agree to the schedule or create the changeovers, the court will make a decision on their behalf. After that, each of the parents can suggest their own child custody schedules at the court.

Parents should think of taking matters to court when they have no options left. It’s primarily because court proceedings are complicated, expensive and slow.

Making the Child Custody Schedule

When one wishes to split the custody of their child, he/she needs to make a proper child custody schedule. Parents should include the following things:

  • When the parents will get to meet the child
  • how much time will each parent spend with the child
  • Where the child will live the majority of the time
  • When and how changeovers will take place

When it comes to children, this might appear pretty formal, but it’s crucial to have a plan and agreement in place. By doing so, parents can prevent all types of disputes and confusion in the coming future.

Parents who create this plan must consider the primary clause mentioned under Section 60CC of the Family Law Act 1975. This act considers the protection of the child from neglect and the advantage of the child having a great relationship with both parents.

The Child Custody Schedules Based on a Child’s Age

The child support lawyers in Perth say that it’s essential to consider the age of the child/children when parents create the parental agreement. It’s because the child will have different requirements at different ages.

In Australia, one will not encounter any rules on how exactly the child custody schedules get managed based on a child’s age. But there are certainly some scenarios.

There are several extra components that are crucial for the family, and one needs to make sure that all those things are included in the schedule. The parent’s schedule will help dictate a new routine for one’s family.

So, one should look for a parenting schedule that will perfectly work for their family and should stick to it. Now, let’s take a look at the child custody schedule based on a child’s age.

1. From Ages 0 to 1

The professional Divorce Lawyers In Perth WA, has pointed out this age to be difficult for custody preparations. It’s because this is a bonding time between the babies and the parents.

Babies have to spend a good amount of time with both parents and must not get separated from them. Besides that, extreme upheaval can also upset the child’s schedule and make it difficult for them to settle down whenever there are changes.

So, the best solution here is that the child should live with one parent and spend time with the other parent through consistent and frequent daytime visits.

This method will certainly last till the child turns 1 year old or when the child is adjusting well to the new settings. After that, one can opt for the right method for the new age.

2. From Ages 1 to 3 [Toddlers]

A reliable and trusted child custody lawyer has said that when the child is of 1 or 2 years of age, they can start spending the nights with the parent who is a non-primary caregiver.

During this age, they become adaptable and splitting the time between two parents becomes feasible.

But one needs to have a consistent schedule as the child has to know when they will get to see their other parent, even when the parenting schedule is not set properly.

3. From Ages 4 to 11 [School-Age Children]

The best divorce lawyer in Perth has pointed out that custody preparations become a lot more flexible when the children reach school age. They become adaptable and emotionally developed.

They will also have a good understanding and handle longer separation from their parents perfectly. During this age, one needs to consider what their child wants but should also take care of their own requirements.

For instance: When one is working during the weekends, they can meet their children frequently during the week.

4. From Ages 12 to 17 [ Teenage Children]

Once children reach their teen years, they will need more space. They will spend their time doing the activities they like and also with their friends. Children in their teen years will also focus on their school-related activities.

These include music, projects, sports and various other extra curriculars, and at times, they might get a job. Custody arrangements made during this age should be made in a correct manner.

Parents need to have a good understanding of their child’s preferences and schedules. One should directly speak to their children about such matters before taking the final step for the custodial schedule.

Summing Up

It’s important for every parent to create an effective child custody schedule for their children. Doing so will enable the child to spend time with each of the parents equally without much hassle.

The highly qualified and professional divorce lawyers from Tang Law can help parents. They can help them create a schedule, which will not be beneficial for them but also for the child.

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