What Are The New Changes In Australian Divorce Laws Post COVID-19?

October 9, 2020    divorcelawyersperthwa
What Are The New Changes In Australian Divorce Laws Post COVID-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected the several sectors of Australia but also its legal fabric like anything. Couple seeking divorce from each other are undoubtedly witnessing the toughest time ever. Their existing legal conditions are becoming more complex than before. Similarly, the new legal issues are arising due to the Covid-19 plight. Contact the best divorce lawyers Perth and they will guide you accordingly. This has even resulted in increasing financial problems and stress amongst divorce seeking parents like anything.

The Effects Of Divorce Law Alterations Due To Covid-19 In Australia

The changes in the divorce laws in Australia due to Covid-19 have greatly affected impending divorced couples. They are even finding it hard to provide proper parenting to kids. They are also apprehensive about their kids and their relevant fostering arrangements. The Covid-19 pandemic will also affect the procedure of filing a divorce case for couples. This is all because of the amendments made to the pertinent legal processes. These changes will also affect your divorce hearings to a reasonable extent.

The Prominent Changes In The Australian Divorce Laws Due To Covid-19!

So, have you already applied for a divorce or planning to do so? Whatever is the case, you must become aware of the various divorce law changes in Australia first. These changes are the verdict of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, let’s take a look at the notable changes which have come to the Australian divorce laws due to Covid-19.

How To Use The Commonwealth Courts Portal?

The Commonwealth Courts Portal is basically an online platform in Australia. It lets couples to apply for a divorce online. When the application process goes on, you need to sign certain documents before a Justice of the Peace (JP). Alternatively, you can also hire a top-notch divorce lawyer in Perth Australia. Your lawyer will act as a substantial witness while you sign these credentials. This procedure is known as ‘documents witnessing’ in Australia.

What If A Lawyer Is Not Available?

The top divorce lawyers in Australia are trying hard to provide their assistance remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, it may happen that you are finding it hard to hire a lawyer temporarily. In that case, the Commonwealth Courts Portal is offering some flexibility. That’s why they are accepting some documents which haven’t been witnessed as well.

An Introduction To The Online Divorce Application Procedure

Most of the Australian courts have shelved their face-to-face registry services. That doesn’t mean that you cannot apply for a divorce. All you have to do for that is to visit the official site of the Commonwealth Courts Portal. Some of the things you will need to apply for a divorce online are:

  • A valid credit or debit card
  • A scanner
  • A printer and
  • A laptop or computer (not a tablet or phone)

To get started scan and save all your necessary documents in a convenient file. This will help you to find the documents easily. You need to upload these documents online after the application procedure gets over. If you don’t have any of things above you can still apply for your divorce online. You simply have to call the National Enquiry Centre for that. You can contact either the Family Court or Circuit Court of Australia via them. Then, you can ask them about how to apply for divorce online alternatively.

A Look At The Changed Documents

Since a lot of things have changed concerning the Australian divorce laws so are the documents. A lot of couples are compelled to stay at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So, what are those documents which you must submit while applying for divorce online? When applying for divorce online you must submit the following credentials:

  • Your passport or citizenship certificate in case you’re born outside Australia and
  • A copy of the certificate of your marriage

The requirement for these documents may differ according to the changing situations of Covid-19.

How Divorce Lawyers Perth Can Help You?

When two spouses decide to set apart from each other, it’s termed as divorce. Deciding to divorce during the Covid-19 pandemic can be even more stressful. To alleviate this stressful situation, you must hire the one of the top divorce lawyers as soon as possible. Myriads of divorce cases occur in Australia every year. The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t affected this high divorce rate in Australia in any way. A top-notch divorce lawyer in Perth is knowledgeable enough to suggest you the right legal procedure even during this crisis.

Additional Information You Need To Provide!

You will need to provide additional information only if certain special circumstances apply. Before that you must file an affidavit in assistance of a competent divorce lawyer, Perth WA. These circumstances include the following:

  • If you’re unaware of the residence of your spouse
  • If you cannot obtain a copy of your marriage certificate
  • If you’re unable to turn up at the marriage counselling if your wedding’s duration is less than two years.
  • If your spouse’s or your name is differing reasonably from what is written in the marriage certificate and
  • If you and your spouse are staying in the same house despite being separated

To get detailed information about these facts, please feel free to contact the top divorce lawyers Perth WA. Your lawyer will recommend you the best strategies to follow to ensure a hassle-free online divorce application procedure for you.

Telephonic Divorce Hearings

People who already have hearing dates or are making new applications are entitled to a significant divorce hearing alteration. According to this, hearings are supposed to be held by telephone between certain dates. This will commence from 19th March and will continue till the end of June, 2020. To get more information, you can contact the top divorce lawyers in Perth and they will guide you accordingly.

Contact The Best Divorce Lawyers In Perth!

Are you finding it hard to get the custody of your child due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Australia? Then, hire one of the top child custody lawyers Perth to get the best legal assistance. Your lawyer will assist you to apply for your child custody online in the right way!

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